About us

Grant Hattle

B. Agric Management, Cert CII

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I’ve been in the Insurance industry for over 11 years and the farming industry for 25 years.

In my farming career I have had roles in ranching beef cattle on a huge Estate of over 700 000 acres, grown crops like coffee, bananas, tobacco, cotton, maize for seed and commercially, wheat, barley, sorghum, soya beans all under irrigation and vegetables for export from Zimbabwe to the UK including mange tout, chilies and baby corn.

I delivered Environmental Stewardship agreements in Yorkshire and the Humber for Natural England and was the Group Secretary for the NFU in Bakewell looking after members needs and giving advice on a range of farming matters. Being connected to the farming community runs deeply though my life experience and skill set.

Building relationships and understanding my client’s business is key in my approach. Putting my clients first is and always will be central to my focus. All my clients are offered the same high level of professional service and attention to detail.

Being an AR (Appointed Representative) of the TEn Insurance network allows me access to many Insurance providers, well over 150 insurers with the appetite for quality risks. Clients can be assured that being independent is an assurance that they receive impartial advice suited to their circumstances.

Being a General Insurance Broker, we have clients from a range of professions and trades including Manufacturing, Farming, Construction, Retail, Wholesale, Motor Trade, Haulage Contractors, Property Owners and Office based professionals. We also have a range of High Net Worth clients and clients who just want their personal insurance needs like house, car travel catered for by an efficient team of professionals.

Being prudent and client focused is the way forward in Insurance and we look forward to helping you with your insurance needs.